Membership- This is where we grow our numbers. Awards are offered to Auxiliaries and members for signing up new members each year. 

Mentoring - Is an important part of our organization. Any member who works to teach others about the workings of the organization is a Mentor. Mentors are needed at all levels, to share the information we have learned over the years, and to help new members understand our workings.

Membership Chairman Debbie Sturgis


2022-2023 Dept of MD Membership Information 

2022-2023 Report Form - Fillable

 2022-2023 National Membership Ambassador & National Program Awards

National Ambassador Jason Estell's Membership Promotion #1/July 2022

National Ambassador's Membership Promotion #2/October 2022

National Ambassador's Membership Promotion #3/January 2023


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 Membership Forms and Applications


Click here for Membership Recruitment & Retention Tools, including:

  • Membership Engagement Packet
  • Membership Moments (A collection of tips, tools and techniques that can be used to recruit, retain and engage Auxiliary members. Please share these handouts at your Auxiliary meetings and trainings.)
  • VFW Auxiliary Eligibility Wheel Graphic
  • Just One Card
  • Strengthening Auxiliaries Calendar
  • VFW Auxiliary Facts Leaflet
  • Recruitment Booth Pointers
  • 8 Ways You Can Help Veterans Card
  • Member Benefits One-Sheeter
  • "Join Us” Poster (17 x 11)
  • Press Releases
  • Door Hangers
  • Social Media Shareables